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Illegal Immigrants-Who is to Blame, Part III



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illegals before transporting

A doll given for comfort.
A doll given for comfort.

imagesof new photos of illegals

imagesofillegalsWould we have so many Illegal Immigrants at our US borders if the American government had addressed this unduly disputed point years ago? At present we seem to be in the middle of abdication or liberation regarding these children. In the article “Illegal Immigration – Is It a Mortal Sin? The question is presented, “Why not go for… assistance in their own countries?”

I believe it is a reasonable assumption that these parents would have gone to their representatives if they felt safe to do so. On the other hand, if they would have risked bodily harm or even death, they would not.

There are so many reasons why people flee their countries. In some, the poverty level is so vast, you would have to see it to believe people could survive in such conditions. We need only try and place ourselves in their shoes, then perhaps we could gain a greater understanding of their plight. Certainly this would, at the very least, render some insight for a reasonable solution. Far too many Americans complain and discuss, to death, the amount of money our government gives to poorer countries, it is my opinion they are deserving of our help. I am amazed that it always takes a crisis to open the eyes of people and our leaders.

I grow weary of all the propaganda which only succeeds in placing fear and indifference within the hearts of Americans. God spoke about not causing animosity toward our neighbors, especially unwarranted and antagonistic behavior.(Ezekiel 33:6) We have a responsibility when reporting, a writer must verify, to the best of their ability, the information and research they choose to publish. Mr. Bowes, I fear, failed in accomplishing this, but succeeded in the publication of a blog which is misleading to the reader.

He, along with many others, complain that we send billions of dollars in assistance to South American Countries, he asks, “…why aren’t they taking care of their own people!”

I strongly suggest those who entertain these questions, visit the countries he questions, perhaps then many would find the answers they seek. There are reasons for the current influx of these young immigrants. We all must try to understand how desperate a person would have to be in order to risk the lives of their descendants by sending them to a foreign country?” Certainly they would know their children’s fear level alone would be indescribable, separation anxiety would take place, and this is just touching the surface of what they would have experienced. Can we all stop the arguments, political propaganda, and the atrocity of not doing anything worthy on behalf of humanity? (Proverbs 31:8) Our countries non-reaction and the unnecessary quick “warehousing” of these innocents is not a solution, it is a Band-Aid to this quandary that we created by not addressing this in a humane way from the beginning. And then I wonder, “when was the beginning?”

What truly upset me was when Mr. Bowes stated, “I recently saw a news report that a president from South America was going to be coming to Texas and New Mexico to check out the shelters…. Who doesn’t see a problem with that?”

I do not Mr. Bowes. If Americans lived in some of the conditions that these immigrants came from, perhaps you would also have a different perspective. Let us look at South Korea as an example. The children who are homeless, due to the deaths of their parents, are sent off and “housed” (literally) within large vacant buildings and just left to fend for themselves. Their needs are not met, they receive no food, no medical attention, no love or nurturing, they receive absolutely nothing. If they showed up at our border would you turn your back on them? Perhaps these Presidents have a desire to work with Americans for improvement. We cannot assume anything, not all of these countries are the same, let us not “group” them together and dismiss them all.

Another grievance he shared was, “…plenty of people in America…are suffering…out of work…need assistance. Why are we not taking care of them?

We have always taken care of our people, not without making mistakes. The majority of poor in this country are offered beds, food, clothing, schooling, etc. It is not the fault of immigrants, legal or otherwise, that we are in the worst recession in our history, you can thank the government for this, as well as the failing middle-class that carry this great country.

He purports that, and I quote,”A majority of the Spanish crossing the border illegally are uneducated, can’t read, are used to being on the government dole, and are perfectly fine with breaking the law of the land to get what they want.”

In the first place these are not “Spanish” immigrants presently at our border. Furthermore, how can he substantiate such information? Is it because they speak a different language that you assume they are “uneducated, can’t read, are….”? I have personally met many and they are anything but. I do not know your personal situation but it would take a remarkable tragedy for me to reach a decision to pack what I could into a back-pack, grab my children and hike through treacherous territory, where I knew there would be armed police ready to shoot me, only to make it into a country where I could not understand a word anyone was saying! What do you think?

We have to take responsibility that we slowly and methodically created this dilemma. Our government has failed us and we our government, by losing our control. Not enough of us pushed lobbyists to pass stricter border boundaries, we did not push local or federal governments to act in order to prevent what we are now facing. In fact we are still not seeing the forest through the trees. How many times have you spoken with your representatives about the border issue, or the failing infrastructure in America? New Orleans is a great example of our government’s and citizen’s non-action. If they had fixed the levies correctly in the first place this catastrophe never would have taken place.

I am furious with how everyone constantly complains yet they do nothing. If you are not going to fight to get our country strong once again, then you have no right to complain if something you do not agree with makes a strong impact on us, financially or otherwise.

According to, vaughns-1-pagers.com, the following list of countries, in succession, are the ones that receive our financial aid. Remember, when we give aid, it is not given directly to the people. There are governing forces that receive these funds therefore “hidden-agendas” remain. Not all aid is given in dollars, but food goods and medicinal substances which are transported via air-drop, shipping, etc. It is not easy and many times dangerous to transport goods to the people within some of these countries. Those listed with an asterisk are the southern countries of which are in question by Mr. Bowes. It is purported we give fifty billion dollars a year in aid.

Israel and Egypt receive one-third of all aid for economic support and funding for armaments.
*Columbia-for the termination of the drug trade.
Jordan-in the hope of clemency with Israel.
Pakistan-to fight against terrorism.
*Peru-for the termination of the drug trade.
Indonesia-for oil reserves.
Kenya-for their newly proposed constitution.
*Bolivia-for the termination of the drug trade.
Ukraine, India, Haiti, Russia, Ethiopia-?
West-Bank/Gaza-to balance “Israel’s aid”
Liberia, Bangladesh

I will end my blog, leaving you with this thought: “Were your ancestors illegal or legal immigrants?”

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