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My site is currently “Under Construction” but still available for public viewing. I am a published author of poetry and an avid researcher of many topics. I offer my writings, hand-made jewelry, skills at refurbishing jewelry (some artwork as well), my artwork, and hypnosis consults (pricing is available for an individuals needs and income-I also take requests for pro-bono work). To reach me please send a text message to 1-205-807-2281: NOTE: THIS IS A BUSINESS NUMBER FOR RECIEVING TEXT MESSAGES ONLY. This is set up due to the inability of people to contact me directly via this site. To see a portfolio of work you are interested in, please send a TEXT MESSAGE ONLY regarding what you are interested in viewing or purchasing. If you are requesting to view a portfolio, for example: “artwork”, “refurbished jewelry”/“jewelry designs” or to purchase a writing please be specific in your TEXT MESSAGE, examples: if you’re requesting my services to write for you-please include your contact information, to purchase an existing writing-please include the TITLE. If you are requesting research-please include the necessary information or your contact information. I also refurbish some artwork; however for this, I would need to see the art piece with detailed instructions from you via TEXT MESSAGE where you will send me an ALERT that you are forwarding the necessary information, including pictures of the “piece” or “work”, to: I am also a certified hypnotist. I enjoy helping others to learn ways of coping with life such as dealing with trauma, depression and anxiety, for example. Please USE TEXT MESSAGING to contact me as well as your contact information. Consulting will vary (examples: via smartphone, computer, Skype or other sources). I hope you enjoy visiting my site, it is always changing and I welcome new artists who would like to be introduced via my YouTube, “The Loft” (WLT Newsletter) or a promotional “Page” for no charge. I also offer a “Children’s Page” where suggestions and new artists are welcome to share their work. Please do not attempt to contact me on my site I will not receive your message.