Illegal Immigration and The “Innocents”-Part I

While checking my Facebook page, I ran across an article entitled “Illegal Immigration – Is It a Mortal Sin? written by Michael Bowes. His anger against immigrants became apparent fairly quickly yet his main “point” was difficult to ascertain, although I got the impression he was advocating prejudice against those who are non-white. Before beginning, I would like to propose a question to my readers, “why have white men and women placed themselves above other races?” What is it that would make any person believe God separates His people by the color of their skin when He is very clear that we were all made in His image. Just a little something for my friends to think about during their read….

I generally do not question other writers as it can be very difficult to substantiate research and/or facts with 100% accuracy. Our instant availability of information on the net can easily result in a writer accidentally choosing a false source, thus making his or her work look incompetent. This sounds implausible I know, as one would assume having such easy access to a mass amount of information would make a writer’s job easier. However, this false sense of security is the very reason I re-check my sources whenever researching a subject. I would not want any of my blogs to come across confusing to my readers.

As I continued with his article, my mind would replay a picture I came across days ago while surfing the net. The scene (not depicted above) was an excellent historical depiction of a fairly large group of young individuals, crowded and closely banded together within a small room. The simple click of a camera button caught a multitude of expressions on the innocent faces of these children. I was transported into their reality, the world of being targeted as an “illegal immigrant”. Time seemed to slow down as my eyes surveyed the room, looking at each and every child. They were spread about, some standing, while others tried to rest on the concrete floor. The distress in their eyes spoke of a fear I would have no knowledge of. So many young, innocent faces seemed to stare back at me, begging for a mercy I could not provide. While I continued studying the faces of these children, I began to see a change as though many had given up, allowing confusion, sorrow, grief and a desperate need for comfort to cloud their thoughts. It is hard to imagine what a long and arduous journey they must have endured and feelings of anger well within me, as I desperately try to make some sense of this dilemma. I want to place myself within the shoes of their parents and feel what they must have experienced in order to conclude that this was their only option. My mind is unable to reach this level of abjectness, as the interruptions of life as a middle-class American, forces me back into my own reality. Yet I am aware this changes nothing as far as what these children have endured and what is in store for them in the months ahead.

What did these people experience, that would compel parents to send their children to a non-indigenous country, knowing the struggles their children would undergo? These “innocents“, which is how I choose to reference these children, are certainly overwhelmed with feelings and emotions they are ill-equipped to deal with. The only situation to which I can compare this would be the feelings of a babe being passed from a birth mother to foster care, and then onto a new and unfamiliar family structure. I can only compare the feelings of the parents with what a birth-mother must feel as she hands her infant over and into the arms of a stranger, trusting that they will provide for and protect this new life, as she cannot. I can speak on behalf of these babies and their birth-mothers, as I have experienced their pain, and there are no words in English or otherwise, to describe it.

The amount of sadness this picture embodies ensures it’s memory within my mind, causing an ache so deep, leaving me with the need to reach out however I can. So many faces poised toward the camera as the photographer readies for his shot. The second his finger clicks the button he is able to capture an indelible impression of the effect of oppression forced upon the most innocent within all societies. I sensed a need to look long and hard into the eyes of these children in the hopes that somehow, the simplicity of my actions would take away their suffering. Yet the intrusion of my own reality disrupts my thoughts, forcing me to accept the ugly truth of this situation, that by myself, I accomplish nothing. I will not allow this picture to fade from my mind, it is a part of me now, changing how I see those around me. Now, as I clean house, water my plants, or tend to my own family, I can appreciate, in a different way, what I have.

I have not yet lost all hope for the renewal of a country I love so dearly, who opened her arms to my ancestors that traveled here centuries ago, for a new beginning. However time and circumstances have changed and I wait with baited breath, for an outcome regarding these children, I already know will not please me. It has not been the maturing of my mind which has changed my view of America, it is what has transpired from my youth to present, which is responsible. My hopes, aspirations and dreams for the return of the country I crave, are challenged within, as well as beyond, her borders. I predict these young “innocents” will not receive the care they deserve, they will be governed by politicians who no longer serve anything more than their own personal agendas. And this understanding brings these children directly to my front door along with government bureaucracy that we all voted in, which is now pushing us out. Out of our jobs, healthcare, homes, families, even preventing us from helping others who cannot help themselves, and I am afraid for their future. These children live in the “present” they do not have the ability to foresee the future let alone plan for it, therefore, at present, they are at the mercy of Americans. What will you do?

My mind is relentless, forcing the memory of what was captured in a single shot of so many innocents, restless, tired, dirty, hungry and trying to make sense their new reality. While continuing to read through Mr. Bowes article, I am torn with emotion as my mind is distracted with reminders of so many weary souls. Some were resting lazy heads upon tiny knees, while others stood as close to one another as possible. The second the camera clicked, a uniformed officer is caught walking past one of the children sitting guardedly on the floor, one leg distended I am sure for a much needed stretch. He is forced to undergo even more humiliation as this official, with one abrupt sweeping-motion of his foot, pushes the child’s leg back towards his body. The reaction of this child was evident, he could not have been more than 10-11 years, and this unwarranted intrusion caught him off-guard. I witnessed a look of impending danger on his face that I will never forget. This picture is where my mind wanders while trying hard to understand Michael Bowes discrimination. He takes every opportunity to promote the prejudice that resides within his heart, announcing to the world what an atrocity it is that we have to deal with this!

As I continue reading Mr. Bowes’ article many times he misspeaks without justification nor proof of his accusations. I bear no contempt when a writer makes a mistake and misrepresents his or her sources or facts, however, he disparages not only these children but the Catholic Church – therefore I feel obligated to clarify. Quite a few people tend to believe that what they read, watch, or listen to is indeed truth and this is a HUGE mistake! People who become famous, whether as a reporter or a political representative, studied the art, which in many of these professions would include the use of rhetoric; i.e. voice inflection, speech, the power of facial expressions (something the CIA is very familiar with), how to address, influence, and win over people. Some go other routes by hiring professionals who write and direct them, their speech and movements become nothing more than puppetry by a hired individual. Words are an extremely powerful tool, Hitler used them to win over millions. Mandela used words, Martin Luther King, Abraham Lincoln, Robert Kennedy, President Bush (the 2nd) also did-not as eloquently, yet it worked did it not? Think about President Bush for a moment, not all popular/famous speakers were perfect with their grammar and yet they influenced millions of people….I would strongly suggest that this upcoming generation begin to learn about what and who they are voting for. The very people we elect to speak for us , to our own people and those in other countries, reporters as well, are our representatives. Change in America would begin if this generation followed in the footsteps of how our ancestors researched before casting votes or believing what others wrote.

In this first part I am just touching on putting the pieces together regarding Mr. Bowes’ article while trying to give you a better understanding of how our government works. Explaining a bit about how Americans vote ties directly into the situation we are facing at our borders. If we had leadership that actually informed people of everything included in the bills we voted on, we would not be in this position today. Instead bills, laws, petitions, etc., are passed far too often and without public understanding. So where does this leave us as American citizens? It seems we have had no choice other than to band together and vote as a “Party” instead of getting past all of the rhetoric and voting on the individual issues as it should be.

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