A Different Kind of Love


The Deity” was taken from my first published book “A Different Kind of Love” which includes poetry I wrote when I was sixteen years of age.  This particular piece was written during my early  twenties., a time in my life when I fell in love with God.  It did not come to fruition from some idea or thought suggested by a friend, but rather a very deep place from within me.  Whenever I write poetry that rhymes; verses come so quickly yet they never seem to flow freely.  The beauty of writing free-form, negating the pressures of rhyme and poetic measure; allow my thoughts to flow freely across the page.  I hope my words touch you as they did me when I experienced the following:in love with god verse


The Deity

When your heart cries out

yet your voice never sounds

and everyone seems distant,

God is listening.

When you’re choking with fear,

from unknown enemies,

and your mind begs surrender;

God is strength.

When everyone has forsaken you,

and your touch, touches no one;

God is feeling.

Go to Him,

who awaits eagerly

for your acceptance,,,,


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Writer, Reseacher, Artist, Jewelry Designer, Hypnotherapist at When Life Talks, LLC
Certifications: Law of Attraction Wealth Practitioner, NLP Holistic Marketing Certification, Business Women's Leadership Skills; Rokhurst College Continuing Education, Environmental Educational Program Development and Instructor
Degrees: Basic Art Degree; Art Institute, Milwaukee
Continuing Education: Certifications: Uncommon Knowledge, Law of Attraction (LOA)
Awards: As Director of Ruffner Mountain Nature Center I worked with colleagues to develop new Environmental Education Programs which were named to the Environmental Success Index by Renew America Foundation, Wa., D.C., the Best Environmental Education Programs by the Center for Environmental Research and Service at Troy State University, First Prize-Education in the CIVIC Category of the 1990 TAKE PRIDE IN AMERICA CONTEST. Award for Outstanding Achievement in the Development of Artist Skills-featured inILLUSTRATOR Magazine.

Activism: Helped establish and served on the Board of Directors of The Hillcrest Aftercare Association to aid those in prison and half-way houses, Published works in the One Voice: a Catholic Newspaper, The Shooting Star: a quarterly newsletter to members of Ruffner Mountain Nature Center. I have work published in the American Poetry Anthology; available in Colleges around the Country and have one book of poetry published-A Private Writing.

I am a Freelance Writer, Researcher, Artist, Activist, Entrepeneur, and offer hypnosis sessions.I also wrote two instructional programs, for professionals like myself, to help children who have or are suffering(i.e., trauma, death, divorce, etc.) When the programs are used correctly, individuals will gain a greater insight on how to teach children relaxation, meditation, and the use of hypnosis so they may have the opportunity to learn or relearn imperative 'life skills', lost (due to trauma, etc.)during various developmental stages. Adults who suffered as children also benefit greatly from hypnosis. You can retrain your brain as well as change your thinking. It is only spontaneous "thoughts" we have no control over. How we "react" or "act" on those thoughts is what we can change.


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