Ivanka Trump vs. American Economy

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 It was the “big businesses” in our country who chose lower labor costs in China over American  labor.  Ivanka Trump simply followed suit when establishing her own business. Personally, I do not find belittling any individual an effective means of protest; something many American’s deem necessary for the simple reason their candidate was not elected in November, 2016.  Literally trashing another via social media, makes the person doing it look bad; they do not know her, what type of person she is, her ethics, values, goals, etc., therefore, how can one judge? If those who have never walked in the shoes of whom they despise or have never made a mistake in their lives, then by  all means throw the first stone at her-if you are indeed this perfect. I ask all of you, who hate others that you do not know, to put your stones away for the simple reason- not one of us on this earth is perfect and those who judge without sufficient knowledge should think with reasoning, respect and knowledge before reacting.  “When did she begin her business?  Prior to her father’s election or after? If this question does not matter to you now, it will be clearer to you after you have read my article.  “Has she begun to change her business practices to fit her father’s pledge he made to America? This would be a rare and unique anomaly within any family unit, would you not agree? Nonetheless, I believe she will indeed take the “high-road” along with our newly elected President.

I have been judged since childhood by people who knew nothing about me.  They summed up my entire life by looking at my physical appearance. I understand all too well how she is feeling and it is not a place, which exists within us all, that anyone would wish to visit.

Shortly after her father was elected, I came upon a pair of ankle boots that I immediately fell in love with. Of course I had to try them on and then it was a rush to check-out. On my way I noticed the label, Ivanka Trump, this made no difference to me; I had know idea she was a designer. After arriving home and removing them from the box I looked to see where they were made.  I was not surprised to see a bright white marker inside one boot stating “Made in China”. I will admit I did take pause as I thought back on President Trump’s inaugural address.  What did I do? I grabbed a pair of scissors and cut the tag out of the boot-I felt elated, empowered and inspired because I knew, after so many years of seeing these tags on far too many products, that soon I would begin to see “Made in America”.

The following is a list of less than 1% of American Businesses who have either set up shop in China, receive parts, ingredients, etc.,  or order all of their products from China. The “list” of 1%,  is so vast on http://www.jiesworld.com, that I had to shorten it for my article. If you do not want to read every business listed, please read what I  high-lighted, these are directly related to baby foods, toys, adult foods and adult items most commonly purchased.

AT&T, Ambecrombe & Fitch, Adidas, ADI Security, AIG Financial, Allergan Laboratories, American Eagle Outfitters, Amway, Avon, Armani, Apple Computer, Ashley Furniture, Associated Grocers, Audi Motors, AutoZone, Banana Republic, Bausch & Lomb, Inc., Bed Bath and Beyond, Belkin Electronics, Best Buy, Best Foods, Black & Decker, Body Shop, Campbells Soup, Casio, CBC America, Caterpillar, Inc., Citicorp, Cisco Brands International, Claire’s Boutique, Coca Cola, Colgate, Chiquita Brands International, Corning, Dannon Foods, Dell Computer, Del Monte Foods, Dial Corporation, Diebold, Inc., Dillard’s, Inc., Dodge-Phelps, Dole Foods, Dollar Tree Stores, Inc., Dow-Corning, Eastman Kodak, EchoStar, Eclipse CCTV, Electric Vehicles USA, Inc., Eli Lilly Company, Emerson Electric, Enfamil, Estee Lauder, Eveready [batteries?], Family Dollar Stores, FedEx, Fisher Scientific, Fossil, Frito Lay, Furniture Brands International, GAP Stores, GE-General Electric, General Foods International, General Mills, General Motors, Gerber Foods, Gillette Company, Goodyear Tire, Google, Gucci, Guess?, Hasbro Company, Hershey Foods, Harley Davidson, Heinz, Hitachi, Honda, Honeywell, Huggies, Ikea, IBM, Intel Corporation, J.C. Penny’s, J.M. Smucker Company, John Deere, Johnson & Johnson, JVC Electronics, Keebler Foods, Kenwood Audio, KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken, Kohl’s Corporation, Kraft Foods, K-Mart, Knorr Foods, Kimberly Clark, Land’s End, LG Electronics, Logitech, Libby’s Foods, Lipton Foods, Lipo Chemicals, Inc., Lowe’s Hardware, Lucent Technologies, Mars Candy, Martha Stewart, Lipton, Mattel, Mitsubishi Motors and Electronics, Mobile Oil, Motorola, Motts Applesauce, Nabisco Foods, National Semiconductor [for…..?], Nescafe, Nestles Foods, Nike, Nivea Cosmetics, Nokia Electronics [known for making-what would soon be referred to as the iPhone], Office Depot, Old Navy, Pampers, Panasonic, Payless Shoe Source, Pep Boy’s [car parts store], Petsmart, Petco, Pfizer, Inc. [Pharmaceutical Company for Americans], Papa John’s, Phillip Morris [Best known for Marlboro Cigarettes] Companies and Electronics, Pier 1 Imports, Pierre  Cardin, Pillsbury Company, Pringles, Pizza Hut, Playschool Toys, Polaris Industries, Polaroid, Polo, Ralph Loren, Proctor and Gamble, Revlon, RCA, Radio Shack, Samsonite [known for expensive luggage], Sony, Sketchers, Smarthome, Smuckers, Solar Power, Inc., Spencer Gifts, Stanly Tools, Staples, Starbucks [Maybe this is the reason they do not support our troops or police…], Sunkist Growers [What does this even mean?], SunMaid Raisins, Sunglass Hut, Subway Sandwiches, SYSCO Foods, Toshiba, 3-M, Timex, Tupper Ware, Tyson Foods, Toys R US, Inc., UPS, Walgreen Company, Walt Disney Company, Walmart, WD-40 Corporation [known for vehicle oil], Westinghouse, Whirlpool, Wrigley, Yahoo, Yamaha, Yoplait Foods, Zale Corporation.

WARNING: There have been more than 20,000 homes built from 2005, most located in the Southern Region of the States,  where contractors used sheetrock imported from China.  Unfortunately for American Citizens the sheetrock contained Sulfur Dioxide; a colorless, water-soluble, suffocating gas, mainly used to produce chemicals like sulfuric acid that preserves fruit. Sulfur Dioxide causes;  nose bleeds, headaches, difficulty breathing and asthma attacks. Having asthma myself I can reassure you, if you have questions regarding  other symptoms, that yes, death can come from an asthma attack. 

After reading the list above and understanding that China has been a relentless adversary of the United States following WWII,  I think we can agree that American business men wanted to make a greater profit by paying less than minimum wage to Americans.  China became the choice due to cheap labor and soon profits soared for American Business Owners. Not one, I am guessing, stopped to think of any repercussions to our Country. As more businesses left-taking jobs that were desperately needed, a “snowball-effect” began, which brings us here-to this moment in our history. If you  boycott Ivanka Trump, than you MUST boycott every business s I have listed and those that are not listed but remain disloyal to all of our American women and men who cannot find adequate jobs and/or pay. 



Definition of Insanity; repeating the same pattern of behavior and expecting a different result. "Our government and media have been doing this for quite some time now…"

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